Using the new Wolf Steam Oven

As a part of the renovation of the kitchen at our home at Creek View I made the decision to migrate to a single oven and add the Wolf Steam Oven Model CS030/CM/B/TH as a part of my appliance package.

I began using my new kitchen in mid-October after living in our guest quarters and cooking with a microwave and as weather permitted our Weber grill from February to October.

I have been experimenting with the steam oven capabilities. I will continue to add finding as I discover new uses for the features.

First let me start by saying we have 9 hens and a rooster here at Creek View, so when production is in full swig we product about 5 dozen eggs per week, so I am always looking for new use of the eggs.

Egg Salad; one of our favorites.

Steaming eggs in the Steam Oven is a breeze.  Simply load up the oven with the number of eggs you would like to hard boil, hit the Steam button and set the timer for 19-minutes. When the time signal your done plug them in to a bowl of ice water!  Anyone who has ever had chicken, know how difficult it can be to peel fresh eggs; not the case when boiled using the stem oven, when cooled about 10-minutes the shell almost com off in one piece.

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