Modernist Pantry was founded by food lovers just like you. We share your passion for kitchen experimentation and have everything you need to make culinary magic happen in your kitchen.

Professional chef, home cook, food enthusiast—no matter your skill or experience, Modernist Pantry has something for you. We make it easy to get the ingredients and supplies you need (and can’t find anywhere else) so that you can spend less time hunting and gathering and more time creating memorable dishes and culinary experiences.

The Prepared Pantry is a family-owned business located in Rigby, IdahoThe company sells baking mixes, kitchen tools, baking ingredients, and gourmet foods.  It has its own production facility for the packaging of mixes and baking ingredients. They have great baking and dessert fillings.


A team of chefs, writers, and video professionals who love cooking and the science behind it. In our Pike Place Market kitchen studio they approach cooking with both deep knowledge of traditional methods and with minds open to exploration. They’re creating new recipes, developing new techniques, and documenting it all to help you cook as you never have before.

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